NEW ALBUM 5 February 2023 we will release ‘Pictures of You’. Physical and i.a. on Spotify

This day we play live at Westfalen 28 Utrecht 12:45 / 14:15 /15:45
The album has 14 new songs. With the CD comes a book which contains the lyrics and for every song a drawing inspired on the music and the lyric. Each drawing is made by someone else. Listening the album is lie a journey by train. Mail for info/order

NEW BAND MEMBER Mark since November 2022

I would like to introduce myself. I am Mark te Mebel, 54 years, happily married and proud father of 2 sons. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 12. I have been in various bands, often in the harder rock segment. I think it’s a nice challenge to give extra colour to the songs. I’m curious what beautiful new things we can make together. I hope to see you soon at a gig.

New Single ‘Cherry’ on Spotify


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